Apocalypse of the Bible

The Apocalypse of the Bible we deal with in this study has nothing to do with all those mad and hallucinate visions that run through our time; it is the revelation of God to lead his people through the pitfalls and the ups and downs of history, in view of the fulfilment of the Kingdom of God.

Letters to the Churches

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  • 01 The Prophetic Word
    The Apocalypse of the Bible is not a chaotic list of episodes more or less tragic, or the bitter fruit of a delusional mind. In fact it constitutes the vision of profound wisdom, illuminating the human journey.

  • 02 The coming God
    John also refers to another "Lord's Day", to the Yom Yahweh of the biblical prophets, which means, in the Old Testament, the day of God ‘s Judgment and of his coming at the end of human history.

  • 03 Letters to the Churches
    The vision of the seven churches takes us in the sphere of the candelabra; its light reminds the people of God they are not abandoned to the vicissitudes of history: "I am with you always, until the end of the age."

  • 04 Letter to the Church of Ephesus
    This is the church that has seen the apostolic times and despite being so close to the authoritative sources is already threatened with apostasy. Although having been given rise by God the church has not secured its future. It may fall and see the removal of its mandate.

  • 05 Letter to the Church of Smyrna
    It evokes the tragic epic of persecuted Christian martyrs who remained faithful until death. The promise made to the martyrs of Smyrna, that they will not die a second time, is equivalent to the joyful hope of the resurrection, the one that leads to life eternal.

  • 06 Letter to the Church of Pergamos
    It’s time of prosperity, of imperial consent of the religious syncretism. The letter denounces a dangerous infiltration of pagan elements in the Christian worship.

  • 07 Letter to the Church of Thyatira
    Revealing the character of the new church. Apostasy warms its way officially in the power seats of the church. It’s the time when the church is structured as a political institution in the monarchical character. Intolerance, the Inquisition, the horrors of torture....

  • 08 Letter to rhe Church of Sardis
    Sardis marks in the history of Christianity, a return back to the source. It’s the time of the Reformation. The word of God is rediscovered. It is a return to the original message of the Bible, to what is "received and heard" by prophets, by Jesus and the Apostles.

  • 09 Letter to the Church of Philadelphia
    In this period, the study of the Sacred Scripture, the Christian zeal, the hope and love that had characterized its origins reappear. Many discover the Bible truths concerning the plan of salvation and the reality of celestial order.

  • 10 Letter to the Church of Laodicea
    Laodicea represents the modern age, the church of today whatever name we give it. It’s the time preceding the glorious return of the Saviour, in which the redeemed of all ages will finally be reunited to the Saviour in the Kingdom of God. We cannot determine when this will happen...