Daniel the Prophet to the Nations'

Amongst the prophetic books of the Bible, that of Daniel is considered to be the prophet of reference. The reason being that in it we see future events revealed specifying with exactitude the time of their fulfillment.
All human history is described with particular emphasis on the causes that provoke the succession of the great nations. From the great monarchies that would dominate the political scenes to the coming of the Messia; to the dark centuries of the Middle Ages with the apparition of a religio- political apostate power, called “the Little Horn”, that fights against God and the faithful church, until reaching the days of the end of this world with the Return of Christ. Daniel offers a vision that indicates real times, names and situations. Their fulfillment in the past guarantees what foretold in the future comes true also.

The prophecy of Daniel referring to the Four universal empires, marks the beginning of this extraordinary prophetic vision of the future that reaches until the last days of the history of this world. The prophetic eye describes with meticulous exactitude times, events and kingdoms that mark the passing of time and the nearing of the return of Christ. An absolutely current vision and necessary to know in order to understand how to stand during the waiting of the kingdom of God.

The prophecy of Daniel on the history of the world continues with a new frightening vision, the one of the “little horn”. The power that constitutes the final result of all the previous powers: a unique, terrible power, that inherits and groups the aggressiveness of the previous kingdoms, in a delirium of power that makes it arrogant, intollerant and implacable.
Considered the importance that prophecy reserves to this strange horn, its nature so different from the other horns, the moment it appears in history with its actions
of religious essence, it is understood that the vision is of vital interest for all people, particularly for those who live in the last fases of the history of this world.

The prophecy introduced by Daniel reveals a dark picture of the most persuasive of all the powers, that directs its attacks against God and His people. The vision considers the development of the apostasy within Christianity. All the temporal elements of the prophecy point to papal Rome, intollerant and persecuting during the centuries of the Middle Ages, towards anyone considered to be the enemy.
In this third and last video is taken in consideration the accusation of the angel on the pronunced words of this power, that are characterized as blaspheme and arrogant; and the attack on the Law of God. Reviling signs that concur with the inconfutabile display of the errors, from the one church that challenges the law of God in order to guarantee the conservation of its place; a deceit of astronomical dimensions to which the return of Christ will end.

The prophecy of the "seventy weeks or 2300 years" reveal the face of a devastating church, which included mythological elements of worship cultural and doctrinal that do not relate to the word of God and beyond that, the vision allows you to set a picture of important events that would follow until 1844, a time when, according to the indications of the angel, the mystery of the purified sanctuary would be solved. An issue of vital importance that designates the eternal destiny of believers.

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