“Our praise like your glory reaches to the ends of the world” Psalm 48:11



It is an initiative by laypeople that aims to promote the knowledge and understanding of the prophecies of the Bible, particularly the Book of Revelation by John and the prophecies of the prophet Daniel. These prophecies essentially concern the journey of the church throughout history, highlighting the consequences of its spiritual decline in the lives of Christians. Additionally, it seeks to shed light on how God acts in history and the protections God provides for those who obey His revealed word.

Voice of Prophecy is not dependent on a central institution and adheres to the prophetic mandate of Revelation 14:6-12, which Seventh-day Adventist Christians believe should be proclaimed in anticipation of the imminent return of Christ. In this context, our intent is to understand the issue posed by the prophetic vision and to disseminate this knowledge to others.

In the study of visions, it is necessary to understand that without a solid grounding in the Bible, a rigorous awareness of historical facts, and the knowledge and understanding of the reasons behind them, it is not possible to develop a constructive understanding of prophecy.

These visions are an extraordinary aid that reveal the influences shaping our existence; they aim to encourage us to make urgent decisions and choices between what should be rejected because it is contrary to faith, and what should be developed and pursued.

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