Diabolical deceptions

Satan's action is active in every field to deceive humanity with sophistry and false reasoning, and induce it to disobey the Word of God. God has foreseen these deceptions and has indicated the error in his Word, so that his people may be capable of revealing the lie.

The great hands of religion

Among the prophetic books of the Bible, Daniel is considered the reference prophet. The reason is that future events are revealed in it, specifying exactly the time of their fulfillment. All human history is described with particular emphasis on the causes that cause the development of idolatry and the apostate church.

Current events and prophecy

The prophecies of the Bible trace a disturbing development of human religion that is opposed to the Word of God. A prophetic framework that allows us to recognize what is opposed to the revealed truth.

The Great Conflict between Christ and Satan

The Apocalypse of the Bible that we are dealing with in this study has nothing to do with all those crazy and hallucinated visions that run through our time; it constitutes God's revelation to lead his people through the pitfalls and alternating phases of history, in view of the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God.


WORSHIP: Church or God?

Creation and adoration are intimately linked in the second commandment which prohibits the use of images and sculptures, having suppressed it has been canceled from the Law of the Ten Commandments, the reason, the irrefutable reason why only God deserves to receive our adoration by right of creation and redemption. For these valid reasons, in the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse of John, we find the impressive vision of three angels, who in the crucial phase of the end times, announce a work of judgment on Christianity guilty of false worship, idolatry and of perversion of the true faith. What consequences this judgment entails on those who reject these appeals is the topic we are dealing with today.