The insatiable desire for dominion by the apostate church, sacrificing the prophetic contents of faith, resulted in a corrupted church at the mercy of its own desires. From being a bearer of light, it had become a cause of spiritual darkness. The trumpets announce dramatic events stirred by God, which are inserted throughout history as a prelude to the final judgment coming from heaven.


The trumpets announce dramatic events brought about by God inserted in the course of history as a prelude to the final judgment from heaven. They are God's answer to the apostasy and oppression of the church, in the period between the fourth century and the return of Christ...

In the vision, the river of fire, raining hail, the fiery mountain plunged into the sea of blood, represent the violence of war that devastates everything and destroys all security. But the effects of the plague will be partial, and most of the earth will survive the scourge...

The third and fourth trumpet reveal a shocking scenery in which the great puppetmaster acts in a occult manner for the domain of consciousness. It's a message of liberation of the human mind from the chains of fear and snares of error.

The fifth trumpet opens the scenario on the dark ages in which the apostate church dominates the conscience through terrorism and repression. God does not remain insensitive to their persecutors' cruelty: The scourge announced by the fifth trumpet affects the unfaithful church and reveals that everyone that assumes and agrees with the thought of this lying system receives the terrible mark of the beast.

The terrifying vision of the sixth trumpet announces the direct divine intervention to punish idolatry because of the moral and spiritual devastation. The vision shows the punishment against those who practice spiritual falsehood, idolatry and practices of the occult world.

The vision of the mighty angel of light that looks at the Creator God transports us in the dimension of God, pointing out that the time of Judgment and restoration has come, in which God will end the conflict between good and evil. A flood of distorted teachings and of religious practices without a biblical base have invaded Christianity and they constitute elements of faith, so that many have been induced to believe/ what God has declared to be false!.

The return of Christ will be the fulfillment of all the promises God made to the redeemed. But before this occurs, Satan, crowning the great endeavor of seduction, will carry through the great final deceit, mimicking the false return of Christ. This subject did not obtain with the Church the attention bestowed from Christ; but in the last times of human history it will be essential to give it the utmost attention...

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