Among the prophetic books of the Bible, the book of Daniel is considered the reference prophet. The reason is that it reveals future events, specifying the exact time of their fulfillment. The entire human history is described with particular emphasis on the causes that lead to the succession of great kingdoms. From the great monarchies that would dominate the political scene of that time to the coming of the Messiah, to the dark centuries of the Middle Ages with the emergence of an apostate political-religious power called "The Little Horn" that fights against God and the faithful church, until the days of the end of this world with the Return of Christ. Daniel offers a vision that indicates real times, names, and situations. Their fulfillment in the past guarantees that what was predicted will also come true in the future.

The prophecy of Daniel concerning the Four Universal Empires marks the beginning of this extraordinary prophetic vision of the future that extends to the last times of the history of this world. The prophetic gaze describes with meticulous accuracy the times, events, and kingdoms that signify the passage of time and the approaching return of Christ. It is a vision that is absolutely relevant and necessary to understand how to navigate while awaiting the kingdom of God.

Daniel's prophecy regarding the history of the world continues with a new and terrifying vision, that of the "little horn." This power represents the ultimate result of all previous powers: a unique and dreadful authority that inherits and combines the aggressiveness of the preceding kingdoms. It manifests itself with an overwhelming desire for power, making it arrogant, intolerant, and relentless.

Given the significance that the prophecy attributes to this peculiar horn, its nature being so different from the other horns, the timing of its appearance in history, and its actions of a religious nature, it becomes evident that this vision is of vital interest to all people, particularly those living in the final stages of this world's history.

The prophetic framework presented by Daniel unveils a dark portrayal of the most persuasive power that directs its attacks against God and His people. The vision pertains to the development of apostasy within Christianity. All the temporal elements of the prophecy point to the intolerant and persecuting papal Rome during the dark centuries of the Middle Ages, targeting anyone deemed as its enemy.

In this third video, we consider the angel's accusation regarding the words spoken by this power, which are described as blasphemous and arrogant. Additionally, there is an attack on God's Law. These revealing signs provide irrefutable evidence of the error committed by a church that challenges God's law to ensure the preservation of an order—an astronomical deception that will be brought to an end by the return of Christ.

The prophecy of the "seventy weeks and the 2,300 years" reveals the face of a devastating church that has incorporated mythological, cultural, and doctrinal elements into worship that are not in line with the Word of God. Furthermore, the vision allows us to establish a framework of highly significant events that would unfold until 1844, a time when, according to the angel's instructions, the mystery of the cleansed sanctuary would be unveiled. This is an extremely important and urgent matter to know, as it determines the eternal destiny of believers.