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What do modern false prophets say and what danger lies in their teachings? Is there a way to recognize them and defend yourself? God foresaw this phenomenon and established protections that allow the lie to be exposed.

The prophecies of John in the Apocalypse and that of the prophet Daniel trace the appearance and historical development of this disturbing character and how he would manifest himself through the centuries. An indispensable prophetic framework to defend ourselves from everything that opposes the revealed truth.

The Catholic Church does indeed teach, as a doctrine of faith, that Peter was appointed by Jesus Christ as the head of the Church and his earthly successor. However, as you rightly pointed out, the issue is a matter of debate. In the Book of Acts, Peter's role as the leader of the Church and his exercise of commanding authority are not explicitly emphasized. Furthermore, Peter is not mentioned in the Book of Acts after the Council of Jerusalem. Additionally, the historical presence of Peter in the city of Rome is a matter that historians cast doubt upon...

What satanic machinations are underway to make Satan's dominion project effective in the final conflict between Christ and Satan?
Does the anti-Covid vaccine constitute the apocalyptic sign referred to as the mark of the beast? What malevolent strategy is being employed to lead humanity to believe that there is a connection between the calamities afflicting the earth and a God who, it will be claimed, feels offended?

Many believe that it is possible to communicate with the dead through mediums with special psychic abilities. This line of thought is considered by many Christians as a form of spiritual evolution. What is the truth behind it? Can we verify it?